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Dismountable vs Demountable wurde erstellt von Dirk
Having read the article about the Club Name change we immediately started looking into the old chestnut of dismountable vs demountable.

MS Encarta thinks the following:


1. get off animal

intransitive verb to get down from the back of an animal, for example a horse or camel

2. get off cycle

intransitive verb to get off a bicycle or motorcycle

3. remove from frame

transitive verb to remove something from a frame, mounting, stand, or support

4. throw somebody off

transitive verb to remove somebody from a mounted position
• The horse dismounted its rider.


1. removable from support

used to describe a piece of equipment that can be removed from its supports

2. removable from cab of lorry

relating to the storage part of a lorry that can be removed from the cab without the use of a crane

We always called our outfit a demountable. Let the discussions begin :D

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